Euro Twinks Bound Tormented & Fucked By Perverts

These next videos are from a brand new site called Gangster Fuck. This first video is part of a series called “The Informer” “Dinner for Four” is a torture scene featuring two friends who are caught as snitches. They are questioned, separately, but are not cooperating so one of the friends, a cute Euro twink is tied down to a table and covered with different foods. Later, his friend is brought into the room and that same food is shoved down his throat in order to make him talk. They even force the two friends to kiss and eat the food together! I wonder what else these corrupt perverts are going to force their victims to do.

Best friends bound for food torture.

This video features a cute young European twink named Sebastian. Apparently, he’s tried to pick up the wrong girl and ends up being tortured by her boyfriend as a roomfull of strangers watch! The girl and her boyfriend Mehmet strip the twink down to nothing and begin to torture and humiliate the poor guy. Sebastian’s very cute and slender and has big puppy dog eyes that looks truly hurt as the perverted couple berate him. Left alone with the thug boyfriend, Sebastian is at the mercy of this angry fellow. Apparently, Mehmet is bicurious and decides to use Sebastian’s mouth and skullfucks him. He is so turned on at doing this for the first time that it isn’t long before he’s cumming in Sebastian’s mouth. Immediately after, he feels the need to piss and decides to unleash his piss stream right onto Sebastian’s face! What else is going to happen to this poor twink?!

Euro twink face fucked by straight thug.