Blond Twink Gets Hot & Cold Torture While Cuffed

This video runs “Hot & Cold,” but it’s not because of the tepid action: it’s because it features a large tub of freezing cold water and blazing hot candle wax. Kenzie Madison is a dark-haired handsome twink with a definite dark side. Leo Foxx is a butch-looking twink with a super-slender and sexy torso and cute face. It’s a great match! Kenzie has Leo all to himself, in what appears to be an empty warehouse or studio. Leo is completely naked, bound in cuffs behind his back, and totally at the mercy of this perverted and twisted twink. Kenzie forces Leo to make out with him while he fondles the twink’s nipples but one minute later he is tormenting and plunging the blond’s head down completely into freezing cold water forcing him to gasp for air! He also holds a lit candle to the young lad’s smooth and sensitive skin, dripping hot wax onto the kid making him scream in pain. I wonder how long Leo is going to hold out and I can’t wait to see the explosive finish, if you know what I mean. Check out the preview video above and visit Boynapped for more.