Straight Lad Bound Gagged & Heavily Abused

Vasia is an innocent looking lad drinking alone in a bar who makes the perfect target for Straight Hell’s latest victim. The lad is chained to a pool table, stripped, smacked around and groped, nipples clamped, thrashed hard with a flogger, then brutally fingerfucked and filled with a dildo.

Lad chained stripped & groped

Next the lad is bound and gagged, viciously lashed with a heavy knotted whip, electrocuted with pads on his balls and dick, then made to endure his agonisingly sensitive cock being jerked off to an unwilling orgasm. Finally the lad is tied wide open, his cock and hole vulnerable to every cruel whim, gagged, flogged, fingered and dildo fucked, made to cum against his will and then taste it.

Lad bound & gagged